Friday, February 10, 2012

Webhosting with Jumpline

Jumpline uses only the highest quality Dell PowerEdge server hardware, giving us world-class reliability and performance. By investing in the most powerful and reliable hardware available, Jumpline can provide speed and uptime that is unmatched in the hosting industry.

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The PowerEgde R515 is the latest addition to the fleet of Jumpline hardware powered by Dell. These massive servers provide full redundancy and the reliability to drive even the largest websites.

 • Twelve 64-bit AMD Opteron cores, each with 512mb of dedicated L2 cache
 • 32 Gigabytes of error-correcting memory for reliable operation, with support for hot-swap of memory modules
 • Six high speed enterprise class drives running in RAID-10, the fastest possible configuration with support for hot swap drives
 • Gigabit ethernet connectivity to core Jumpline networking equipment
 • Dual power supplies, each fed from separate power circuits backed by multiple transfer switches for reliability
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